Jonathan Read:

 ”Today I enjoy a level of health that far surpasses my state of health which  was extant at the time prior to my starting my journey on the Primal Diet®.
 I  am much stronger. I keep my muscle tone without having to exercise  much  at all and I continue to improve despite my advancing chronological  age.

 "I have been eating what Aajonus Vonderplanitz named the Primal Diet® for  going on 13 years now and I have experienced an increase in health and  vitality that I found no where else after searching far and wide. I tried so  many approaches in those decades. All of which seemed good at first, but  long term were either useless or harmful.

 "Since adopting the Primal Diet®, I have had more energy yet am more  relaxed in life, and I sleep better, better digestion, etc., etc.

 "I greatly thank Aajonus from the bottom to the top of my heart. If it were  not for his relentless unbiased work, I feel my chance of being alive today  would be nil or if I were alive, I would be in some state of disability."



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